Individual Training

Premiere Personal Training with one of our Master trainers


A.T.P. (Adult Training Program)

Small Groups of 3-6 People working with one of our Master Trainers


Sport Performance

Specific to age, ability, sport and position for optimized, efficient, and safe strength and conditioning progression.


Facility Usage and Space Rental

Facility available for rental by teams, coaches, elite trainers and professional athletes looking for a comprehensive, dedicated performance training home and location.


Seasonal Programs and Clinics

Hosted by our Master staff and Elite training associates, our camps and clinics cover a myriad of topics and opportunities for targeted, in-depth education and specific sport performance facilitation and training.


A.D.P. (Athlete Development Program)

Small groups of 2-10 Athletes (middle, high school and elite- college/pro- groups available) working with our Sport Performance Specialists to improve speed, strength, power, and injury resistance in relation to their sport to enhance the expression of skill in competition.


Performance Enhancement

Premier personal training

A.T.P. (Adult Training Program)

A.D.P. (Athlete Training Program)

Sport Performance

Our performance enhancement team is dedicated to maximizing athletic movement and sports longevity by incorporating the following factors into the training regimen.
  • Injury prevention
  • Dynamic Activation
  • Multi-Directional Speed, Agility and Quickness
  • Lifting technique proficiency/mastery
  • Multi-Planar Strength and Power
  • Energy systems Training
  • Mobility and Active Recovery
  • Weekly testing and peer challenge
  • Mental Focus
Dedicated and personalized training on an individual or partner basis to address specific or overall human movement and performance goals. Addressing activities of daily living to eradicate dysfunctional movement patterns and intrinsic factors that are detrimental to performance enabling the body to move how it was designed: efficient and free.
Train like an athlete, be well versed in the fundamental key factors that lead to stellar human movement and improved athletic capabilities in a group setting for adults of all ages and abilities. All the benefits of personal training with a hefty dose of team spirit thrown into the mix to make training energized, motivated and results driven.
Fundamental training for all athletic endeavors to engage key components of form, fitness and integrity. Training the entire young athlete and creating the neuro-muscular pathways for safe and effective movement that results in athletic competency and translates to greater expression of skill in competition and greater success in any sport.
Our highly qualified staff has considerable combined experience in corrective exercise and prehab/rehab techniques to help overcome injury and muscular imbalances. Assessments performed by our affiliate specialist allows for greater diagnostic direction of therapeutic and strengthening exercises.
Led by one of the top instructors in the industry we are proud to be able to offer our athletes an often-missing piece to their training. Aerial yoga offers the unique ability to allow the spine to completely decompress while hanging inverted. It is therefore a perfect complement to any training program as it allows for decompression, fitness, flexibility & fun with the added dimension of flight.


Cross-training group class

Prehab and Training recovery techniques.

Swim like Pro

A class for cross-fitters who want a guided workout led by certified instructors. This high- intensity fitness program incorporates elements from several sports and types of exercise. These constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity result in compounded training with motivated results.

Endurance training and multi-sport event specialization. Coaches Sara and Misty believe that Triathlon is a lifestyle, not just an event. They provide the dedicated support team and professional guidance to ensure successful training.

affiliate Professionals