AMPD Athletes

At AMP’D, everyone is an athlete!

Here, we spotlight those who are committed to excellence and who have chosen AMP'D to help them achieve their optimum potential

Athletic Development Philosophy

Providing a premiere facility, equipment and training team, we're dedicated to to maximizing the performance of each athlete we work with. Our focus is on developing an athlete's ability to first and foremost be resilient to injury- as availability is the best ability- as well as developing foundational, multi-planar stability, functional strength, and athletic power. We dial in and pattern specific speed skills and "upload" neuro-muscular engrams via multi-directional speed, agility, and quickness training specific to movement as well as individual sport. Our ultimate goal for our athletes is to bulletproof the body as much as possible against injury, and give them the physical and neurological tools and ability to allow for their greatest expression of skill within their chosen sports.

Training Mission

To provide a comprehensive, environment, training destination, and performance team to service coaches, teams, and individual athletes with an elite training space, training services, assessments, and nutritional, goaland performance consulting. AMP'D- Where everyone is an athlete- is built to be a "one stop shop" for all training, performance, and fitness needs.

Mason Williams

  • Qualified Future’s Athlete in 100m & 200m Butterfly
  • 2020 Olympic Trials Hopeful

Johnathan Yaun

  • 2017-2018 Florida High School State Champion
  • Liberty University Golf Scholarship
  • Varsity Starter at Liberty as a Freshman
  • Second Team All-American as a Freshman

Jacob Borden

  • IWU- Indian Wesleyan University College Scholarship Athlete
  • 2x (Current) Virgin Islands Men’s National Soccer Team (16 y/0 and 19 y/o)

Cassidy and Amanda Chambers

Cassidy (Right)

  • 2018 16u VolleyAmerica National Beach Volleyball Championships Champion Gold medalist- Atlantic City, NJ
  • 2018 16u Beach Volleyball Junior Olympics 3rd place- Santa Monica, CA

Amanda (Left)

  • 2019 BeVolley College Showcase 1st Place- St. Petersburg, FL
  • 2019 BeachDig College Showcase 3rd Place- Pompano Beach, FL
  • 2018 Texas Recruiting Showcase 1st Place- San Antonio, TX
  • 2018 AAU 14u National Championships 7th Place- Hermosa Beach, CA
  • 2018 14u Beach Volleyball Junior Olympics 9th Place- Santa Monica, CA