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YOU are our “WHY”

At AMPD, we provide top level sports performance training.  Let us help you reach your full potential and be ready for the next level.

  • We work to build bulletproof athletes who can withstand the rigors of competitive training schedules. There should not be so many broken young athletes who are run into the ground by relentless athletic rosters.  We understand how the human body responds to training stimuli, as well as the requirements for rest and recovery.  This multi-faceted understanding and implementation allow us to educate our athletes.  The best ability is availability and that commitment is our very essence.  Talented athletes who are at risk for being tired, hurt, and uninspired will regain their competitive edge here as we will enable them to move with fluidity and competency and to master their craft, while building resiliency to injury. Laughter is mandatory and sweat is the byproduct.
  • Our job is to support your physicians, your therapist, your trainers, your coaches. We help shore up the human body in readiness for every physical challenge. One of our primary focusses is injury prevention through physical resilience.  We then strive for maximum performance on that platform of competency.
  • If you are a coach looking for a dedicated space to work with your athletes, we will provide a facility with the tools and freedom to take it to the next level. Our sport performance specialists will gladly collaborate upon request. Our flat rate usage fees allow trainers and coaches to maximize their earning potential with very fair rates.  We want AMPD to be a hub of training excellence and welcome master trainers who share our progressive philosophies.
  • We never stop learning. We dedicate many hours to professional study and growth in the field of sports performance.  This is our passion and our very reason for starting AMPD; to be a resource of current industry practices and the science behind effective training that we impart to our athletes.

We hope to see you at AMPD soon. We have some serious training to do!!


The Team

Brandon Nelson
Brandon NelsonSports Performance Specialist
Owner / Founder
Sport Performance Enhancement
Sports Conditioning Specialist- ACE
Certified Speed and Agility Coach- NSPA

Lisa Borden
Lisa BordenMovement Specialist
Owner / Founder
Corrective Exercise
Cyndi Staudt
Cyndi StaudtRecovery Specialist
Registered Yoga Teacher
Certified Power Yoga for Sport
Aerial, Silks and Mixed Apparatus

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