Complete fitness. Maximum performance.
Building champions in sport and life.

We are a dedicated training team and facility who work with our clients/athletes either by appointment, in group settings, and through our auxiliary specialty classes. Our facility is available to master trainers and their athletes in conjunction with our in-house team and clientele.

Your training, your results, your life…….AMPD!

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13 Aug, 2018

Movement is Joy

When you carve out valuable time in your day to head to the gym is your goal to punish a body you hate, or reward a body you love? My...

20 Feb, 2018

Minimum Effective Training with Coach Chris Kamp

Minimum Effective Training February 16, 2018 | Kamp, Christopher A Training Frequency Training frequency, or how often an athlete is training, is a massive topic. Over the course of three...


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